The Vanishing Act is a room full of magical puzzles and mysteries that your team must solve in 70 minutes!

  • Search the magician’s dressing room for clues

  • Prove your mental strength as you solve challenging puzzles

  • Race against the clock to solve the mystery before time is up

  • Invite your friends for a unique and memorable experience

The Experience

Get Lost in a World of Magic

This escape room will keep you immersed in the magician Noximillian’s world for 70 minutes as you and your teammates explore a thematically decorated room, looking for clues and solving challenging puzzles to advance through the story. Will your team be able to solve the mystery?

Your team of up to 8 players can enjoy this unique activity for a fun afternoon or evening out. The game is conveniently located in the heart of Fremont, with regular bookings available every weekend and weekday games available upon request.

The Story

Every Magician Has His Secrets...

The Great Noximillian, world-renowned magician, is hiding more than just tricks up his sleeve. His past five assistants have mysteriously gone missing, each after their 13th performance with Noximillian. Now his latest assistant, Casey, has contacted you for help in uncovering the truth behind these disturbing disappearances.

On the night of Casey’s 13th show, you are tasked with investigating The Great Noximillian’s private dressing room while the magician is busy on stage.

You have 70 minutes to find what Noximillian has been hiding and solve the mystery before the show is over and Casey’s time is up!


The Experience

Where is the game located?

We are located at 619 N 35th St Ste 200A, Seattle, WA 98103. We’re in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, in a building called The Fremont Annex, which is just around the corner from The Center of the Universe sign. For more information about directions, parking, and building access, please visit our Contact page.

How long is the experience?

From start to finish, the entire experience is about 1 hour and 40 minutes long. Players will have 70 minutes to complete the game, with around 15 minutes of rules and information before the game, and 15 minutes after the game for debriefing and photos. Some teams may complete the game in under 70 minutes.

Will we be locked in the room?

No. In The Vanishing Act, your goal is to reach the conclusion of the narrative by uncovering the truth about Noximillian and helping Casey before it’s too late. To keep in theme with the story, the room will not be locked and players may exit and re-enter the room at any time. Note that no refunds or additional time will be given for players who leave the room.

Is the experience scary?

A little bit! We consider parts of the game to be quite spooky, and have designed some elements to leave players feeling nervous or unsettled. However, this is not a haunted house-style event, and the experience is not intended to be distressing or frightening. If you like spooky themes, but don’t necessarily want to have a costumed actor jump out and scare you, you’re likely to love our game.

Do I have to be good at puzzles to play?

Not necessarily. The puzzles in the room have been designed so that anyone can solve them, not just puzzle enthusiasts. The puzzles may deal with words, numbers, images, or the manipulation of physical objects. The room also requires skills of observation, communication, organization, and teamwork. There are lots of ways for everyone to contribute to the game and enjoy the experience.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. Everything you will need to play the game will be provided for you inside the room. No specialized knowledge is necessary. Just bring your wits, your sense of fun, and wear comfortable shoes!


Will we be paired up with strangers?

Unless you reserve all 8 tickets for a time slot, other players may purchase those tickets and join your group. The amazing thing about a puzzle room is that the sense of urgency and a common goal causes even strangers to start working together to solve the mystery!

How can I book a private game for just my group?

You can make any time slot a private game for your group by purchasing all 8 tickets. If you’d like to book a private game for your group at a day or time when we don’t run public games, please e-mail us at and we can arrange that for you.

What if I only have a group of 2 or 3 players?

We strongly recommend that teams of 3 or fewer players do not attempt to play The Vanishing Act alone, unless you have extensive experience with puzzles and room escape games. While a very small team could technically complete the game, the large number of puzzles would make it very difficult for a small team to see the majority of the game’s content within the time limit, and smaller teams will most likely have a disappointing experience.

If you have a small group that would like to play the game, but cannot find any more teammates, we first recommend that you try and join an existing group of players by looking for time slots that have fewer than 8 tickets still available. If you are unable to join an existing group, you are free to purchase tickets in hopes that other players will join your group, but we cannot guarantee you will get to enjoy the full experience


Does the game require physical activity?

This game only requires standing, walking, and searching for clues. Players will not need to run, climb, or crawl.

Is the game handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, our space in The Fremont Annex is only accessible by stairs.

Is the game appropriate for children?

The Vanishing Act is for participants 18 and older. Participants ages 14-17 may attend ONLY if accompanied by a parent or guardian ON SITE for the duration of the game. Please note that our game contains some spooky elements that may not be suitable for younger audiences. All players under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign our liability waiver before participating.

Are there any special effects, like lights, sound or fog machines?

Our game features flashing colored lights, temporary darkness,  and some loud sound effects. All flashing lights produce less than 5 flashes per second and do not create a strobe effect. There are no fog or smoke effects in the room.

Is the game suitable for non-English speakers?

While our game does include a few language-independent activities, many of our puzzles do rely on some knowledge of English.


A must-see if you are in Seattle.

– TripAdvisor user Brianz801

I don’t consider The Vanishing Act optional.

– Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade

Start to finish an outstanding experience.

– Facebook user Elkin T.


For parking, directions, and other details, visit our contact page.


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