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Locurio is focused on entertaining people in new ways through immersive, live-action experiences. We believe in the power of the physical realm, combined with emerging and increasingly accessible technologies, as a platform for games and events the likes of which have never been experienced before. Our mission is to delight, inspire, empower, exhilarate, sometimes frighten, and, above all, evoke a sense of mystery within all who experience our games.

Live-action gaming has found a strong foothold in the mainstream market through the advent of room-escape games. We hope to expand on this wave and continue pushing the boundaries of immersive entertainment into other formats and genres, all with a focus on quality and professionalism.

Our debut experience is a highly immersive room escape game called The Vanishing Act, where players must search a magician’s dressing room for clues about his dark secrets and solve the mystery of his missing assistants before the end of the show. The Vanishing Act features a custom-made soundtrack and artwork, hand-crafted puzzles, special lighting effects, and interactive electronics, along with a visually striking set and compelling narrative.

In time, we hope to offer many more innovative games and events that allow players to experience the unique thrill and satisfaction of physically-manifested gameplay mechanics within an immersive setting.

Locurio is based in Seattle, WA.

Natalie Parisi


Natalie‘s experience with puzzle development includes designing and running corporate team-building puzzle hunts, directing visual design for The Famine Game, and running DASH 5 in Seattle. She’s interested in prototyping new immersive entertainment formats and exploring mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics within live-action games.

Natalie loves The Mole, The Genius, Space Alert, The Protomen, and haunted houses. She occasionally blogs about puzzles, games, and mysteries at Clavis Cryptica.

Summer Herrick


Summer’s love for puzzles stretches back to her early youth, when her mother introduced her to the world of text adventure gaming. In 2012, Summer began crafting personalized puzzle hunts for couples, a service which she hopes to one day incorporate into the Locurio platform.

An avid reader and movie-lover, Summer started running three years ago in an attempt to actually see the sun every now and again. She’s completed two half-marathons but swears to never, ever attempt a full one. Summer loves sci-fi, Zork, MST 3K, the Muppets, and TRON: Legacy. She does not like Piña Coladas.

Philip Dasler


Philip has been a ghost hunter, time traveler, and evil genius’s henchman, has prevented the apocalypse, cured a global pandemic, and formed his own international lemonade stand conglomerate, all thanks to immersive puzzle experiences. He has even sent teams of puzzlers to their death as a lead designer of The Famine Game. He is interested in creating experiences that unobtrusively utilize technology to enhance immersion.

Philip loves board games, Star Wars, and the outdoors. He has spoken with astronauts while they’re in space on two different occasions. This has no bearing on Locurio, he just thought it was neat enough to mention.