• Explore the vibrant and ecclectic Fremont neighborhood

  • Solve puzzles at iconic landmarks and artistic installations

  • Work together with your friends to unravel the clues and earn points

  • Split into two teams and compete for the fastest solve time!


An afternoon of outdoor puzzling fun!

This walk-around puzzle hunt will send your team exploring the many iconic and artistic landmarks of Fremont while solving location-based puzzles. The hunt can accommodate 2 teams simultaneously with a recommended team size of 3-5 players.

This experience runs on the innovative ClueKeeper platform and smartphone app.

Please note that this experience takes place entirely outdoors, rain or shine. Due to the interactive and exploratory nature of this experience, it may only be booked during daylight hours.  The average solve time is 2-2.5 hours.


An opportunity you can't pass up...

The Great Noximillian is looking for a new stage assistant for his magic show — could this be your big break? Prove yourself worthy by solving Nox’s suite of puzzle challenges as you explore the curious Fremont neighborhood, and you might just learn a thing or two about the mysterious magician himself…

This puzzle hunt is a companion piece to our room escape game, The Vanishing Act. Players can enjoy The Mysteries of Noximillian before or after playing The Vanishing Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Experience

Is this a room escape game?

No, this experience is NOT a room escape game. This is a puzzle hunt! The puzzle hunt will send you to different locations in the Fremont neighborhood, and your team will solve a puzzle at each location.

We do have a room escape game, also located in Fremont, called The Vanishing Act.

How does this game work?

On the day of your game, make your way to 619 N 35th St in Fremont. A Locurio staff member will greet your team outside of the building, explain the rules of the game, and give you a binder full of puzzle materials. Your team will then download the digital puzzle files for the hunt on the ClueKeeper app.

Once you begin the hunt, the ClueKeeper app will give you directions to each puzzle location. You’ll use the puzzle files in your binder to solve clues based on your location and try to discover the final answer. The puzzles will take you all around the Fremont neighborhood! You’ll enter your answer guesses using the ClueKeeper app, which also provides hints and tracks your score.

The experience ends at a local bar & grill where your team can relax over some well-earned food and drink.

Is there a time limit? How long is the hunt?

There is no time limit, and you can take as long as you like on each puzzle. Only the time spent solving puzzles counts toward your score, so you can take breaks as you travel from puzzle to puzzle. Just keep in mind that some puzzles will only be accessible during daylight hours, so don’t take too long! Most teams take about 2 hours to complete the hunt.

If you are part of a corporate team, you may need to finish your hunt within a time limit in order to meet back up with the group, or play The Vanishing Act as part of the Magic in Fremont package. In this case, you will have about 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the hunt.

How many players can play the hunt?

This hunt can accommodate two groups of up to 5 players each, for a total of 10 players. The two groups will solve the same puzzles, but will go in a different order so that the two teams do not cross paths and risk spoiling each others’ puzzles.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Each team must have at least one Android or iOS mobile device with the ClueKeeper app downloaded and data access to download the hunt. Each team member can view the hunt on their device if they have ClueKeeper installed, which can be helpful for collaboration.

This hunt takes place entirely outdoors and requires lots of walking, so please wear comfortable walking shoes, weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and any other items you need to be comfortable.

We will provide your team with a binder and two pencils. No other solving materials are required, but feel free to bring anything you think might help your team.


Will we be paired up with strangers?

No. You will have the option to purchase one “ticket” for your group of up to 5 players, or two tickets for up to 10 total players in two groups. No matter how many tickets you purchase, the booking will be private and other players will not be able to join.

Can I play by myself?

Absolutely! It might take you longer to get through the puzzles, but there is no reason that a single player couldn’t enjoy the game.

What happens if it rains? Can I cancel?

The Mysteries of Noximillian runs rain or shine, and it is your responsibility to make sure your team is prepared for inclement weather. However, since the experience is mostly independent, after you pick up your puzzle packet from Locurio, you may choose to wait and see if the weather clears up before beginning your hunt.

We will accept cancellations up to 24 hours in advance.


Does the game require physical activity?

Yes. This experience takes place entirely outdoors and requires about 2 hours of walking and standing. Some of the walking will be uphill.

Is the game appropriate for children?

Yes! The Mysteries of Noximillian is a family-friendly game, though some puzzles might be a little tough for younger solvers.

Is the game suitable for non-English speakers?

No. Some of the puzzles in this game include a lot of text, and all of the puzzles require English language skills.

Add on The Vanishing Act for more mysteries!

Make it a full day of magical fun with our Magic in Fremont package, which includes The Mysteries of Noximillian and our room escape game, The Vanishing Act. This package is perfect for groups of up to 20 players who want to experience all that Locurio has to offer.

Learn more about the Magic in Fremont package!


Public Teams

The Mysteries of Noximillian is available to the public during daylight hours on weekends. Please use the booking system below to reserve your timeslot.

Corporate Teams

For corporate groups interested in booking The Mysteries of Noximillian during weekdays, please visit our Corporate page and fill out the form at the bottom.

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